Homemade, Natural, Quality Dog and Cat Treats Delivered Fresh!

We make our treats with home-ground rice flour, local raw honey, and locally grown vegetables.

Gizmo’s Wheat-Free Gnaws

Ingredients: Organic Rice Flour, Oats, Cinnamon, Apples, Carrots, Egg, and Molasses. These special treats are made using only ripe apples and carrots with wheat-free rice flour to create a healthy snack. Sold in 6 ounce bags containing approximately 32 savory treats.

Mandy’s Munchies

Ingredients: Whole-Wheat Flour, Egg, Powered Milk (Nonfat Dry Milk, Vitamin A Palmitate, Vitamin D3), Water, Butter, and Garlic Salt. Just a pinch of garlic salt gives these a little extra taste that dogs beg for! Sold in 6 ounce bags containing approximately 25 treats.

Nicki’s Nibbles

Ingredients: Whole-Wheat Flour, Corn Meal, Vegetable Oil, and Beef Broth. These little delights are good for any size canine. Sold in 6 ounce bags containing approximately 80, ½ x 1 inch treats.

Buddy’s Banana Coins

Ingredients: Dehydrated Bananas. We use only fresh bananas. They are sliced and dried. Sold in 4 ounce bags.

Jetta’s Jerky (Sweet Potato)

Dehydrated Sweet Potatoes. Healthy sweet potatoes are peeled and sliced lengthwise to create the jerky slices. Sold in bags of 18.

Spot’s Sweet Potato Pieces

Ingredients: Dehydrated Sweet Potatoes. Healthy Sweet Potatoes peeled and sliced into rounds to create these golden circles. Sold in 3 ounce bags.

7″ Single Squeaky Bone

This is a 7″ single squeaker toy.  It is made of denim material with poly fill and one squeaker inside.

8″ Dual Squeaky Stuffed Bone

This is a 8″ dual squeaker toy.  It is made of denim material with poly fill and two squeakers inside.

Lollie’s Livers (Grain-Free)

These treats are grain-free for our special furry friends that have allergies.  Our friend Lollie had a special request because she couldn’t have flour, grain, or chicken products.  Ingredients: Beef Liver, Egg, Garlic Powder, Potato Flakes, and Beef Broth.  Sold in 3 ounce bags.

Milo’s Minties

Unfortunately it happens to the best of our canine friends… puppy breath.  That’s why we created Milo’s Minites.  These yummy treats help fit the battle of the bad breath.   Ingredients: Whole-Wheat Flour, Parsley, Mint Extract (alcohol, oil of peppermint, and water), Egg, Milk, and Vegetable Oil.  Sold in 6 ounce bags.

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